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Holistic Health & Wellness for Your Christmas

The Holidays are a time people want to spend with family and friends celebrating. It also means that many people eat and drink more, sleep less, and interact with others. It is a season where you can become busy and sick. But did you know you do not have to spend the holidays sick? Many people are really on antibiotics during this season, but the truth is, this might make you more sick.

So what should you do?

1. Winter weather brings many viruses, not only Flu and COVID. To keep your immune system strong, increase your fruit and vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants. This is a great season to make soups. Soups allow you to add many veggies, herbs, spices, and beans, making them an easy meal prep.

2. As soon as you feel sick, start Echinacea and Zinc lozenges, a multivitamin, if your diet is not as optimal at this time of the year. I like to have a Winter First Aid kit. I stock teas for the Cold Season, like Yogi or Traditional Medicinals. Steam aromatherapy with eucalyptus is golden for that stuffy nose, while honey is the best treatment for cough. If you can prepare fermented honey with garlic cloves and thyme ahead of time, you are lucky, but if not, buy a good quality elderberry and honey syrup.

3. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Go slow on alcohol and leave the party early. There is a reason why the sun goes to bed early during the winter: following nature's rhythm has benefits for your health.

Remember that the number one reason people get admitted to the hospital this season is respiratory illnesses, and most of them are viral. They are out there. Flu, COVID, RSV, and Parainfluenza, do not need to be your friend. Prevention is key.

If you want more tips and healthy recipes to have healthy holidays, and avoid both the hospital and unwanted weight gain, I have some free resources for you! Grab them HERE!

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