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If you have diabetes, let me introduce you to your best friend.

Updated: Feb 4

Living with diabetes can seem like a death sentence. Yes, I know, your life changes instantly, and now you need to learn to live differently. The first question I usually hear from my patients is, doctor, will I need to take this medication for life? My answer is no, but that also means engaging with your body differently.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes at a very young age, I had to learn to eat differently than my family and friends. At times, I felt deprived, but slowly, my mindset changed to abundance.

Wait! Can I eat a lot? Yes!

A lot of fiber, yes fiber is your best friend.

Many people in the United States consume an average of 10-15 grams of fiber daily, but did you know increasing your fiber consumption can lower your a1c?

Yes! Fiber is like a medication; it will lower your a1c.

Ideally, you should increase your fiber intake to 35 grams per day. Studies have shown that 16 grams of fiber can lower a1c on average by 0.6%.

And guess what? The FDA only requires a medication to lower it by 0.3% before it goes to the market. So yes, eat more fiber and save money on drugs.

Good sources: vegetables, avocados, nuts, beans, chickpeas, chia seeds, oatmeal and fruits.

Yes, plants our fiber. Eat your plants, your sugar level will decrease, and you will not suffer constipation.

If you need help increasing your fiber intake, grab my FREE guide, Sugar-Balance Simplify: Lower Blood Sugar Levels for Busy Professional Women with Type 2 Diabetes, today.

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