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Sugar Intentions for a New Year?

Updated: Feb 4

Americans spend an average of $110 monthly on beauty, fitness, and wellness products. A significant portion of this budget is spent on vitamins and minerals. However, American adults consume an average of 17 teaspoons of added sugar daily, more than 2-3 times the recommended amount for men and women.

Did you know that the US is the biggest importer of sweeteners? This could be one reason many people are still ill.

A Credit Suisse report on sugar consumption reveals that 30% to 40% of healthcare expenses in the US are wasted on addressing issues closely linked to excessive sugar consumption.

Recent studies have shown that consuming high amounts of sugar can increase Proteobacteria and decrease Bacteroidetes in the gut. These sugary foods can cause issues with endotoxin and weaken gut barrier function. Consuming high amounts of sugar can also disturb the balance of the microbiota, leading to increased pro-inflammatory properties and decreased capacity to regulate epithelial integrity and mucosal immunity. Yes, the sugar you consume raises your blood sugar level and inflammation via your gut microbiome.

AKA, high sugar in the blood produces inflammation in the body!

During the Holidays, people often indulge in sugary foods and drinks. This sugar can upset the balance of the gut microbiome and increase pro-inflamatory markers in the body. After the holidays, a gut and sugar reset can help you:

  1. restore your digestive system's health

  2. rebalance gut bacteria

  3. reduce sugar cravings

  4. support overall well-being

You can reverse the damage by eating healthier and ingesting plant fiber. It's a way to hit the reset button and promote better digestive and metabolic health after indulgence.

A gut and sugar reset is a dietary change that aims to improve gut health and reduce sugar intake. The gut reset usually involves consuming foods that support gut bacteria, such as probiotics and fiber-rich foods, while avoiding processed foods and those high in sugar. The sugar reset entails reducing or eliminating added sugars from the diet to help regulate blood sugar levels and improve overall health. Both resets focus on promoting a healthier digestive system and balanced nutrition. I recommend combining this after the long weeks of special Holiday treats, extra alcohol, and lack of sleep.

Ready to create a year with less manufactured sugar in your diet? Then, grab my FREE guide, Sugar-Balance Simplify: Lower Blood Sugar Levels for Busy Professional Women with Type 2 Diabetes.

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