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Enhance your health this year with Group Medical Visits at Salud Revisited

A lot of people ask me, " What are group medical visits? " They believe these are classes or group support, but they are much more than that. So, what exactly are they?

  1. Multiple patients were seen in 60-90 minutes. Usually, a group of 8 to 16 patients is used.

  2. They can be open (patients become part of the group every week) or close (once a set of patients are enrolled, no new patients enter the group)

  3. Usually, they are programs to manage chronic medical conditions, such as Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Chronic Fatigue, or Pain.

  4. Includes education, coaching, medical examination, labs, and medication refills.

  5. Guided by health professionals like a health coach, registered nurse, or physician.

What are some benefits?

  1. Instead of a quick 10-minute appointment, you have dedicated time with a healthcare professional.

  2. Support from the other patients, sharing your challenges in a safe, private, and supportive environment with people struggling with the same obstacles in their health journey.

  3. Studies showed that patients achieve better health outcomes and are able to accomplish their health goals.

  4. Patients also report a reduced sense of loneliness. The group setting provides them with community and fellowship...and loneliness is equal to smoking 15 cigarettes per day; thus, it has a VERY positive health effect.

And now for the BIG announcement!

Salud Revisited is starting its group medical appointments in 2024! Yay!

Our first program is the Type 2 Diabetes Transformation Method.

Why have I decided to incorporate this model of care and heighten its use for the holistic health and wellness services we deliver?

  1. Patients receive medical care but also education and coaching.

  2. Patients receive extended visits, and programs are developed for intensive support (either weekly or biweekly).

  3. Patients receive Action Tasks and weekly support. They are told what to do and offered small, bite-sized steps to achieve better health outcomes.

  4. They can be offered virtually, and some components can be delivered via asynchronous care (AKA patient's own schedule)

Learn more about Group Medical Appointments and what keeps successful professional women with Type 2 Diabetes stuck in the cycle of pills at my masterclass; register HERE.

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