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Restore your relationship with your body

Find personalized, holistic health care to supplement your primary care.

My Vision

Partnering with people to restore health and wholeness and redeem the brokenness of their bodies holistically and gracefully.

My Mission

Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine. Story Work. Educate and Empower. Groups.

My Core Values

Rest, Beauty, Abundance, Compassion, Tenderness

My expertise is helping you feel healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

I am Dr. María and I call it humanized medicine. Receive virtual care from the privacy of your home or schedule an in-person appointment in Houston.

Reduce your medications

Don't feel resigned to a life of pills and uncertainty. Let's examine what's possible with the right treatment plan.

Build sustainable eating habits

Learn what is healthy and what works for your lifestyle and culture, without shame or guilt and with pleasure.

Feel more energy, vitality & focus

Learn simple yet powerful self-care tools. Learn to love your body and yourself, while taking action to prevent future illness.

Life doesn't have to be this way...

Do you struggle with living a healthy lifestyle or feel overwhelmed about what information to trust?

Patients often share they feel alone in managing cardiometabolic illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. They worry about what traditional sick care has done or will do to their body.

They confess it's hard to find a doctor who understands their cultural food and pressures among family. 

They're frustrated by pills that have overtaken their daily routines and worry they'll be on a slew of medications for life. They see family members whose lives were cut short by early death or disability.

If you've ever caught yourself feeling defeated and saying, "Maybe this is just the way life has to be," I encourage you to think again.

My goal is for my patients to receive humanized medicine, to feel better and whole again, to escape the cycle of blame, and have dreams for the future.

NOTE: If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency department.

Talk to a doctor who will hear you and partner alongside you in wellness. 

Managing diseases can be challenging, but there is hope, and things CAN change.

When you've been through acute trauma with your health, you need care that accounts for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You need more than a quick 15-minutes of being talked at and not listened to.

After spending years in the traditional health care system (on both the patient and physician side), I felt the pain of not being able to fully serve my patients in the way I saw they needed.

So I created a pathway for patients to receive quality care that gives them tools for the life they want. My goal is for my patients to receive humanized medicine, to feel better and feel whole again, to escape the cycle of blame, and have dreams for the future.

What if your life could look like this?

  • You no longer feel alone in managing your health. You feel like you have a partner in your health journey.

  • You feel hope to overcome the barriers you once accepted as a part of life.

  • You achieve success. You stop blaming yourself and feeling like a failure.

  • You experience self-grace and self-compassion, improving your relationship with yourself, family, friends, and colleagues.

  • You understand that healing is a process, not an instant fix.

  • You develop a rhythm of gentle consistency over short-term yo-yo behaviors.

Your body tells a story

Lifestyle is not a choice. It is imposed by society.

My approach to your care

I combine evidence-based lifestyle and integrative medicine with traditional medicine, mind-body techniques, acupuncture, and other healing modalities to revive your health, reach goals and optimize your daily functional status. You are not your illness.

Together we can restore your health

About me

Hello, I am Doctor Maria.

My style, as a physician, is to provide care that focuses not only on your physical needs but your emotional and spiritual needs. I call this humanized medicine. You are unique; therefore, I partner with you to create a holistic plan that addresses the whole person with healing-oriented modalities.

A Word to You, my patient, From Me,

your doctor

Healthy in your body​

Illness, at times, is caused by changes in your metabolism and cells. These changes can be reversed via your lifestyle choices. I am here to help you nourish and move your body toward wholeness. Your body can heal. I can help you go against the lifestyle imposed by society in your journey to health.

Healthy in your mind

Illness can also result from past traumas, stress, anxiety, and mood. Not only can you choose different thoughts, but you can use your breath to relax and reduce stress. Rewriting your stories of trauma changes how you interact with people and yourself. Your mind and emotions help restore your health and vitality. I am here to support you as you examine your life's traumas and their health effects.

Healthy in your emotions

Illness might arise from your perspective on life. Cultivating gratitude, empathy, and happiness improves your quality of life. In contrast, anger and negative perspectives can reduce your quality of life. I am here to assist you in discovering both joy and grief as gifts for your health.

Healthy in your connections

Illness can be a result of loneliness. You and I need people, which is why group visits are the core of our style of care. Community and fellowship provide empathy, attunement, love, and joy. You do not need to wonder alone in your quest for health. I am here, so we can build a network that holds you up.

Together we can restore your health

what I do?

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Virtually TX, AZ, CO, WA

In-Person Houston

Mailing Address: 5535 Memorial Dr. Ste F #229, Houston TX 77007


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